A New Project - SnipThat.io

I have created a new project - https://Snipthat.io

It's a browser extension that allows you to save any interesting snippets of text you come across whilst browsing the web to a central location.

It's still very much in an alpha release and currently you can only install it on Firefox. The Chrome extension is still going through the approvals process.

The tech is pretty simple, the extension is all vanilla javascript. This talks to an api made using the Django rest framework which stores the data in a postgesql database.

You can then view all your snippets on a website that is rendered using Django templates.

Currently there are no logins, when you download the extension a uuid is created for you. In the future you will be able to link this to your username.

I just wanted to release this as soon as possible to see if people are interested.

Published on June 20, 2022, 9:32 p.m.