An introduction to this website

This website is bloated. It is a blundering giant, a monster. However, it's this way for a reason...

As a way to learn, I built this blog using Django. I had been going through tutorial after tutorial1 and wanted to see if I could apply me knowledge. The best way to do that is to make a project of your own, with no hand holding.

Before building this website I had little knowledge of anything related to building stuff on the web. I just about knew basic html and css and a little bit of php - probably not even enough to be dangerous. Now I can pretty much make a fully featured website.

As a reader of this site you won't see all the features. There are many overcomplicated behind the scenes features that I would not implement if I was not learning.

Django was my framework of choice, I knew python and just picked it because it looked to be the most mature python framework. It turned out to be a pleasure to work with. I'll talk more about the behind the scenes features and my experience with it in a later post.

The sites design is not the best, it looks a tad dated. But I like it and its main purpose is to display the very text you are reading right now. If it is not doing a good job at that please do let me know!

There is no Javascript on this website. This is mainly because I do not know how to write Javascript. Javascript is the next thing I shall learn, so expect my next website to be even more of a monster than this one. In fact, I might add some to this site as I learn!

I do plan to go into some detail about how I wrote this site; after all, teaching is the best way to prove how well you understand something.

Content wise, this blog will end up being a mish mash of all sorts of things with the only consistent being that it is written by me. I'll be the first to admit that I am not good at writing, this site will hopefully help me get better. My writing being in public will (hopefully) force me to improve my writing and write more.2. If you want to see if I do improve you can subscribe to this site by email.

Hopefully to you, this website is not a blundering giant but actually runs rather well.

  1. Following tutorial after tutorial is commonly known as "tutorial hell" I might write more about this one day. It's a trap many people fall into, without even knowing they have fallen into it. In a nutshell, a lot of people when they are trying to learn something new just follow tutorial after tutorial. Doing that means that you never know how to actually apply your knowledge. 

  2. My old blog has a total of 5 posts, 2 of which actually have value. Hopefully going through the effort of creating this website will coerce me into writing more. 

Published on Sept. 10, 2020, noon