The MicroLog

I have made a Microlog (see the top bar of this site)

I tend to have lots of thoughts that are not really that useful to anyone and are not suited to a full blog post. I guess I could post these on twitter but it's nice to have these on your own website.

I'm not sure what you can expect there. I won't put in much effort, if any, into the posts but it should be a fun experiment.

I may also put TILs there. I have liked the idea of having a place for these as I solve many problems every day and write them down for myself but they might be of use to someone else.

In any case that would not be to hard to implement on this website. The microlog is implemented by just seeing if a post has the tag "microlog"1 and putting it there as opposed to the main blog index. It's still just a normal blog post under the hood.

A little history

The term for this seems to be "microblog" and not "microlog" I prefer microlog so that's what I have gone with.

The first microblogs where actually called tumblelogs "a quick and dirty steam of consciousness". More or less what twitter is today for some people. I weirdly get nervous posting to twitter (even though I have very little followers) so I would not use it for a "stream of consciousness" Maybe that's what my microblog will be. Or maybe i'll just never update it. Only time will tell.

  1. Ironically I can't tag this as being about a microlog even though it is as it would then get put into the "microlog" feed. 

Published on June 22, 2021, 12:27 a.m.